Anti-CAA social activist, Jamia Millia scholar Miron Haider jailed for 600 days

B.B News 365 Desk– Anti-CAA activist and student leader Meeran Haider completed 600 days of incarceration. To mark the occasion groups of activists and students on Monday launched a fresh campaign for his release.

Haider was arrested last year in April on charges of instigating Delhi riots. Critics, however, believe that he is being punished for being part of protestors who were opposed to Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Human rights defenders have been demanding his release along with other anti-CAA activists.

On Monday, activists of United Against Hate (UAH), Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) and All India Students Association (AISA) launched a campaign on Twitter.

Demanding his release, UAH called his incarceration “600 Days of Unjust Imprisonment, 600 Days of Injustice”.

AISA’s Delhi University unit called his imprisonment “600 Days of Incarceration”. It also demanded the release of all anti-CAA activists, political prisoners and the repeal of UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act).

Jamia Millia Islamia unit of SIO called his imprisonment “wrongful incarceration” and demanded his release.

Talking about the activism of Haider, Safoora Zargar, one of the anti-CAA activists who was arrested and released on similar charges as that of Haider, expressed her pain over the suffering of Haider. She also gave call for the release of all political prisoners.

“No protest can be successful if it works on a ‘holier than thou’ principle. If it does not pick up the causes of others before them as its own. It is bound to fail in the larger construct of the movement. The movement to free India of hate,” she said.

She urged “all stakeholders to unite. To come to a common minimum programme it’s essential to resist all forms of criminalisation of protestors and protests. The demand to release political prisoners is central to CMP & must be raised unequivocally by all allies”.